How I meet my Bestfriend.

It all started back in 2005 when I first move in to Johor from Selangor. It was a fine day. I that was the first time I got to use personal broadband and it was on the end of the year school vacation. I started using Myspace, Yahoo Messenger, and everything. Until I came across this profile, name “Yika”. She is a weird person, in a way like nobody ever wears thick mascara weird. She looks like a devil I said to myself. But then I saw she has this thing called MSN. and I was like “What is that?” so I quickly downloaded it turns out it is a messenger. Well okay. I added her then by the email while mine is Yet she did not responded quickly.


Long after a while, I added more and more friends on MSN, later I saw a window pop up says “sape ni?”, I replied ” wow, sape kau?”, well we argued until we come to a common ground. We called each other using names like Erl and Yika. We talk throughout day and night. Non stop until it suddenly stop.

Luckily I have her number, so I tried to called her. I was cheap back then it was on credit therefore I need to make every few second counts to call her. Then, her voice. It sounds so much like a high pitch cartoon character. I laughed but I said we continue our conversation in MSN. She agrees. That was the most wonderful moment I ever experienced. My best end of year school holiday.

In 2006, whenever I come back from school, I straight head to my computer. I waited. you guess it. I was waiting for her. I wanted her to talk to me. But she was busy with her other friends. so I said to myself, how do I blend in to the social network of her? I kept scrolling her profile, finding this I need like how to edit photos, editing HTML, taste of music, learning the top 8 friends. Guess what I made her talk to me again, by teaching me HTML of course, but obviously I asked something I already know. by that year we straight feel like having a best friend connection. we put both of our profile at our top friends.

Things started to get cold in 2007. I was in my SPM where I don’t really talk to her. I moved to KL even though I already finished my SPM, I still couldn’t find the time to talk to her. in 2008 we straight cold as well only until at the end of the year where she texted me where should I continue my study?. I replied how about INTI? I think it might suits you.


Things straight being in 2009 where we start to meet each other, if im not mistaken it was the first quarter of the year. I met her in front of SS15 Starbucks. I remember her red Elmo shirt. She is cute. I never thought my Bestfriend is cute. But she is really talkative. But I kind of dig it. let me pause the story. I really like her personality abut two years ahead I need to stay quiet because theres something wrong with the social circle. There are time and time again I visited her just to fill my heart about my talkative best friend. you see, I never really had a friend who enjoys talking like. she talks like really a lot. too much actually. but there’s the beauty of it. it’s has something special in her that I like listen to her mumbling.


I think this is around 2011. I remember the time where we meet when I was graduated from diploma. we eat Ice cream, New Zealand Ice cream. that was my first time. we take pictures on mirror crouching for whatever reason. I told her, I have the physique that every woman desire. she laughs. I asked her why? She replied ” okay…”. she is puzzling yet something I can’t really put my finger on it.


things moving on to 2012 this is where our friendship really starts to bloom she need to talk to me when her legs was injured, she called me first. I ask why Yika? call the ambulance. I was scared actually. But luckily she had great friends in KL to help her. I’m glad for her.



we texted a lot I will show you the screenshot, later we really do talk a lot on my iPhone, and hers. we were crazy about iPhone. until she starts to talk about a guy she liked a long time ago. I mean what? is this the end of me? Am I getting replaced by a guy? and I keep quiet while doing my helicopter training. man that was intense.


A week later I texted her again. things went great again. ¬†and suddenly it went silent again. this time its because I went to offshore and later I did my degree in Sarawak. before that I went shopping with her. it was my first time shopping spree and she is there with me. Wei my best friend. you are really the best. She told me don’t do it in Sarawak. well I said no I want to do it. but I regretted it because something is missing.


I came back decided to stop because truthfully I feel something is missing in my life. I need it. when I was about to enter MMU for my degree. Things were heaty. We kind of ended our best friend relationship in a very interesting way at the very interesting date 6.9.12. check it out below. I don’t mind losing a Bestfriend this way. because we actually don’t know what love is. We really depend on our friendship to begin with.


Up until this date, we are still friends, but I said the wrong things and I didn’t make the right move, makes me left behind. I advise you please think before you said to your love one, you might say the harshest things, but your heart still cares.


A starting point of the year.

Today, the mark of a something new. to meet the first goal for the 2018, I will do a 20 minutes for cardio in the morning. why it has to be in the morning? Because a guy named Aaron from his YouTube channel AlphaM mentioned in one his videos stated that ” in order to lose fat fast / efficiently try working out in the morning (fasted cardio)” (not exactly what he said, but the idea are somewhat similar to what I have type, well you get the point actually) meaning that after long hours of sleep, we subsequently fasting where we don’t consume food and water where this is optimal because the energy that will be used is purely from our reserve energy a.k.a the fat!


I know this will work because typically any kind of workout or whatever it is going to work, we just need to do it and thats it. Just do it. Contemplating about ” ohh when am I going to be fit?” or ” I’m going to be fit next year” those kind of talking will never work. actually talking without taking any action will never work. I really would like to emphasise to myself that I need to do more. more things.

I also would like to add another point. Plan a diet. No, diet is not the time where we don’t eat and starve ourself, that is fasting. Diet is our daily intake in terms of food that we planned out consistently to meet our goal. For example, let’s say if you want to gain more weight and doesn’t care about your physique or whatsoever, then plan wisely like eating pizza everyday or any kind of takeout. Its that easy. Actually if you want to be fat there’s no need to plan, just eat what your heart desire really and don’t do anything. Hey, I’m just setting an example how things work don’t blame me, blame the game man.

Anyway, in terms of socialising, I’ve enrolled myself for volunteer work. have you ever feel that emotion where if you help someone, you get the sense of enjoyment and fulfilment in yourself. Yes I mean that. that is what I want. I have never really did this kind of stuff while im learning. when I was learning I thought that I could never let go of my studying because I really having a tough time to understand to mechanics of learning something new and it is compact where you need to learn 5 news things every single week. Hell, I don’t even get to enjoy myself with friends we don’t have time to even just go out and have fun. Maybe it was me procrastinating. but it is what it is. Anyway moving moving on. I enrolled myself in that and just wait for next event.


Recently, I went to a meet up where we meet a Japanese guy who volunteered himself to teach us Japanese, well at least the very basic stuff. it was fun. its nice to develop more friends and stuff I mean more stuff to talk about.

im writing here in the middle of the day. As of time we speak, I am writing a research on LNG production in Indonesia. well it is the biggest exporter of LNG despite it has only 3 reservoir so far in their country. I will write thus furthermore on the next post. This could be the next potential business here to meet demand elsewhere in the world. well say they are the biggest exporter. it must be for a reason right? we will see how this goes. Until next time my friends.


What Angga wants to be in the ’18

Hi everybody. I am laughing while writing this blog about myself. but this is serious. I want to change myself as I would have planned years ago that I have abandon myself over the years because well I was completing my studies. there’s a saying goes, “you aint got no money when you study” hahaha that was me. I mean I want to work as part time to sustain my life in the university life but sadly my studies aren’t that good, and it needs more of my attention to really nail the grades that I needed to sustain my CGPA. but over the years it was a great 5 years. I get to learn more on the things that I really love like moving parts and pretty obvious to analyse all the moving parts as well as to design. that Is my biggest dream, but lets get this post started.

my goals for 2018 (hahaha) are to get in shape, I will not say it vaguely because I want it bad. like really bad. this is not going to be a crash course or anything but I have prepared in a document everything on the essentials such as lifestyles, diet plan and workout. its only a matter of me following what I have planned or let it burn to the ground. this is my first goal

my second goal is to update my wardrobe, lets face it, my sense of fashion is long gone by a decade ago.. it is too 2000. but I need to catch up with the latest look, not specifically the ¬†trends right now as we all know that trends come and go but to achieve the look that I wanted which is MANLY, MASCULINE like Johnny Bravo. man, he is the best. I want to take care of my skin as well like wearing sunblock to out in the open because I realise that my work needs me to be exposed in the sun and I can’t let my face burn to the ground and lost my radiance. hahahaha.

my third goal is to embrace my work. I get a lot of criticism of my current occupation saying ” Erlangga, You can’t be a boss because just graduated ” , “just lose him, he doesn’t have any real job”. But here’s the thing. I am a boss, but mostly I am the worker itself. I need to be humble to myself as well as to learn more than anyone. this is not an ideal position to begin with as a fresh grads because I have too little exposure towards how business works. But I have to commit to myself that I want to learn more, any express my ideas in the correct manner to achieve goals as I wanted for Abumann.

so this year, I will be updating this blog not sure how the schedule that I want to update. but I will keep you guys inform by this week. thank you too much for reading this post. sorry I dont have pictures for now but I promise you in the future my posts will be full of photos because I want you guys to enjoy what I write.

About me

My name is Erlangga Sulaiman, I want to write a blog since my job involves writing about technology related and review its technology and study its practicality of the product towards certain application. Im actually a contractor but I involve more on Engineering side of work because I my passion and my life preparation is engineering and I enjoy this job.

Please enjoy my articles as I explore more on technology and write more on what I have studied as this excites me the most.